Salad Dressing

Ready for something crunchy? Also, we don't mean granola! Burgers, fries, and pizza may be standard pre-summer charge. Regardless, there comes when simply something green and new and sound will do.

Enter Susanna Herlitz-Ferguson and her restoring MV Salads.

A strong summer visitor, after a shockingly lengthy timespan in the business world Herlitz-Ferguson moved to the Island searching for a new and undeniable undertaking. She made a plate of blended greens take-out like those jumping up in metropolitan settings.
susanna on island

Getting a Circuit Ave area in Oak Bluffs, Herlitz-Ferguson facilitated an essential recreate to change the past land office. The result - a marvelous open space with awe inspiring thing district, eye-getting craftsmanship parts, and sparkling plate of blended greens counter drawing nearer.

Cook Shawn Clifford, in the past with Chilmark's Beach Plum Inn, and a social event of liberal specialists stand ready to set up the plate of blended greens you had for basically consistently required. martha's vineyard

For salad dears the show is essentially basically as enchanting as a frozen yogurt cooler. Lettuces, arugula, kale, carrots, tomatoes, cucumbers, radishes settle near wonderful extra things like calmed carrots, nuts, standard things, Jerk Spiced tofu, smoky weak beans, and new chickpeas. For heartier plates of blended greens there are cheeses, chipotle chicken, magnificent lobster.

Customers investigate eight innovative Signature Salads, each a cornucopia of taste sensations, or creation their own. An actually organized corn roll with elegant bloom incorporate goes with each serving of mixed greens.

MV The Dressing, a tart vinaigrette Herlitz-Ferguson made, best most mixes and is open by the compartment. Smooth Green Goddess adds avocado and veggie dear mayo.

Summery house-caused rewards to interlace Tarragon Lemonade, Jasmine Tea, and Watermelon or Mint Lime Cooler.

Close by brilliant, best in class food and especially coordinated assistance, Herlitz-Ferguson spins around generosity.

Conceivably than leaving tips, customers make kind notes to their specialist, and proposal positive wishes with various accomplices in a "Kindness Exchange."

Business Manager Robyn Reilly keep things moving along precisely true to form behind the scenes.

Herlitz-Ferguson sources whatever number embellishments locally as could sensibly be anticipated. Regular thought is highlighted. No compartments or plastic compartments are sold; holders are compostable.

Herlitz-Ferguson coordinated the intriguing inside. The white, weak, and coral reach is merry and quiet, her flighty "hearts and islands" topic rehashed everywhere.

Select thing goes from summer covers to solid sweatshirts, charming coastline masks, totes, coffee cups, beaded wristbands, rich tees, tanks, onesies and incredibly more.


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