Martha’s Vineyard Restaurants- What would we do without Maria?

 What is the meaning of wizardry? I trust it is that epitome that changes the standard into something mind blowing, something alive, something we can feel. There is something ethereal about a first light breaking over the ocean. It is something past a tendency. There is a clarification that science says contributing energy at the ocean can disappoint or fix trouble and various issues that sap the enjoyment out of life. Susanna

The early first light over the ocean isn't what you figure it would be. A couple of mornings the sun rises fundamentally like an ice gold critical stone. There is no sparkle. It simply leaves the tiniest yellow tone on the cobalt water. The water is still. The water lapping against the dock posts is more a mumble. You need to listen carefully to hear it.

Marth's Vineyard Magic

A couple of mornings it seems like the sun handles you and lifts you with it. A couple of moments you are a piece of everything, the day break, the ocean, the tones, the sharp air. Stop thinking. On a very basic level be. Enduring you are still, you can hold that tendency a couple of moments. oak bluffs restaurant

Then suddenly the wizardry is no more. It is a magnificent morning. The sun is beating, mind blowing, welcoming. The light gets across the sky painting it 1000 shades of blue. The sound of waves lapping the shore replaces the quietness.

I wake out of my fantasy resuscitated, welling with amuse. I'm enabled, ready to need on one more day.


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